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How To Select Healthy, Nutritious Products For Your Dog

How To Select Healthy, Nutritious Products For Your Dog

If you want to ensure that your dog stays fit and healthy, it’s important to carefully select the dog food products which you feed your dog. To discover a guide to selecting the best possible products for your dog, simply continue reading.

How to select healthy, nutritious products for your dog:

Select products which are tailored to your dog’s age:

As dogs require have different nutritional needs at each life stage, it’s a wise idea to select dog food products which are specifically formulated for your dog’s age. As examples, if you have a puppy ensure to choose products formulated for puppies while if your dog is 10 years old, it’s a great idea to opt for products that are marketed towards senior dogs.

If you visit, you’ll find specific products for puppies, adult dogs, and mature dogs. One difference between puppy products and products aimed at adult dogs is that puppy products contain higher calories than products that are aimed at adult dogs.

Consider purchasing dog food products to match your dog’s size:

Alternatively your dog is a healthy, adult dog and doesn’t require dog food aimed at puppies or seniors, purchase dog food products to match your dog’s size. As you can purchase dry food for toy breeds, miniature breeds, small breeds, average sized breeds and large breeds. The key reason to choose your dog’s food based on its size is that small dogs have faster metabolic rates than large dogs and as a result require more fatty nutrients than larger dogs.

Opt for products which feature natural ingredients:

Always select dog food products that boast plenty of natural ingredients. If you take a look at the label of a dog food product and it lists artificial fillers and colors, it’s well worth putting it back and looking at products from a different brand. To find products which boast natural ingredients visit

Select products that specifically list the meat which it contains:

Never purchase dog food products which list that they contain poultry, meat or animal as such terms indicate that a company is not using whole meats. Instead choose dog food products which list ingredients such as lamb, chicken, turkey or salmon. As the meat contained in these products will have far more nutritional value than products which list poultry, meat or animal as key ingredients.

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