Brand Makeup Brand With Eyeshadows That Work for Any Skin Tone

Brand Makeup Brand With Eyeshadows That Work for Any Skin Tone

Why does that blue-green eye shadow that looked so amazing on the Instagram model look like mermaid Martians have invaded us on you? Why does the creamy nude eyeshadow look like a celebrity makeup artist applied it on your best friend but when you put it on it looks like a two-year-old did your makeup?

We have all been scrolling on Instagram and have seen these highly pigmented beautiful eyeshadow palettes. Some are beautiful bronze neutrals while others are rich jewel-toned mattes. We purchase these beauties which the intention of recreating the gorgeous looks of the models wearing them. Except when we apply the shadows, we end up looking like a hot mess.

Fret no more my friend; I am going to help you choose the best eyeshadow palette for your skin tone. The reason the shadows do not look right on you is that you are not picking the right formula or colors for your complexion.

Well, that’s almost true. Warmer skin tones do look beautiful with bronze and golden eyeshadows. Purples and emerald greens look amazing in the crease of darker skin tones. Fairer skin tones stand out with cool shadows such as gray and jewel tones. This rule of thumb is valid for general eyeshadow basics, but who wants basic?

If you’re doing an everyday soft glam look for work than the best eyeshadow pallet for your skin tone is one that offers more complexion-based tones. Make sure it’s your complexion, not someone else’s. You’re always safe with bronze for warm skin and gray for cool tones. However, if you are looking to make a statement, then a pop of color with the correct blending technique will look amazing on any skin tone. When it comes to eyeshadow, blending is the key to success on any skin tone.

The best eyeshadow for your skin tone is one that is appropriately blended. You must use the right brush to place your shadow in your crease, on your lid, and your brow bone. The quality of your eyeshadow is also essential. Choose pallets that have a high pigment and a smooth application. Don’t pick shadows that are patchy and chalky with colors that skip or fade.

There are many affordable makeup brands to choose from, and just because a brand is expensive doesn’t mean it’s best for your skin tone. Use an eyeshadow formula that feels soft and doesn’t tug at your skin. Choose matte formulas for smoother, skin like finishes and metallics to glam things up. Use a quality blending brush when applying bold colors or you could end up looking like Rolly the raccoon or like you crashed into a crayon box face first. Use a light hand when applying your shadow. It’s easier to build it up than to take it off if you go too heavy with color.

Choosing eyeshadows is a fun day at the makeup counter. Talk to the sales associate about the best colors and formulas for your skin. Ask if you can try some samples in natural light before you buy. Natural lighting is the best way to choose the best eyeshadow palette for your skin tone.

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