Increase Your Chances To Get Into A Great College With A College Counselor

Increase Your Chances To Get Into A Great College With A College Counselor

Students in the UK, Canada, and the US can benefit from the services that are offered by IvySelect. In addition to guiding you through the application process when you are ready to apply for college, you’re also going to receive the insight other students don’t get, when trying to get into a top-tiered school. 

Why you need a counselor – 

Ivy League schools are challenging to get into; this is why in some cases, even the brightest students, who have the best grades, don’t get in. Why is this? In some cases

– They didn’t do AP courses in high school

– Others had great grades, but did not do extra curriculum or do any volunteer work

– Many dedicated their time to studies, but not sports or other clubs

All of these factors weigh into an Ivy League school’s decision to accept or deny a student acceptance. Therefore, you might not know what the top colleges are looking for when they admit a student. Working with a counselor you’ll know what you have to do, at all phases in your schooling, so that you do get into your dream school. 

Research you can’t do on your own – 

Another benefit of working with IvySelect counselors is that they research the top Ivy Leagues for you. For example, if you want to get a sports scholarship and you want to study chemistry or bio, they will help you decide which top colleges you should apply for. And, the counselors will help you decide which sports to play, what specific criteria the schools are looking for, and what grades you are going to need, in order to be admitted to the schools of choice. And, if you don’t qualify for a school, they’ll help you determine which other top tiered schools you might get into. 

There’s so much competition out there, and when you are the elite student, and need help with applications, you might not know where to turn, or what to include in your application packet. So, working with a team of specialists is a great way to ensure you get in, and you know where to apply for the top education you can receive. If you’re ready to begin the application process or if you have questions, a counselor can help you. At IvySelect you’re going to work with the premier counselors who will guide you through the difficulties you’re having, when trying to choose the best schools to apply to.

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