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[Podcast] Why Some Gays Hate Gay Pride and Crazy Lady Taylor Chapman

In She Said, She Said¬† #137, Genia and Andrea discuss Taylor Chapman, the racist Florida woman who recently berated Dunkin’ Donuts employees.¬† Genia and Andrea also discuss why some gays and lesbians HATE Gay Pride events.

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Best. Birthday. Weekend. Ever.

I don’t usually blog about my weekend, but this past weekend was so nice I feel obligated to do so.

On Friday, I did an interview with Suzanne Sheridan – a member of the spiritual band Exit 43. Suzanne’s message was so empowering and uplifting – even if you’re not a religious person – that it set the mood for the entire weekend.

Saturday, my partner and I spent the day in Madison, WI at the gay pride celebration on Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center. That was a lot of fun! We spent quite a bit of time hanging out with lesbian comedian Vickie Shaw. I had an opportunity to interview her. You can hear the interview here. I also interviewed queer hip-hop duo God-Des and She. They were so much fun to talk to. I recorded about 20 minutes of their live performance. So, if you’re a God-Des and She fan, you can hear that performance here. Their energy was amazing and the crowd absolutely loved them.

On Sunday, I spent the evening with my closest friends celebrating my 37th birthday (coming up on Tuesday, August 18). Lots of food. Lots of booze. Lots of love. We met at our local gay bar for Karaoke (since we’re all Karaoke addicts) and spent the evening singing all of our favorite songs. The most touching part of the evening was when my friend Russell (who was unaware that we were all meeting to celebrate my birthday) suddenly whipped up yellow carnations as a birthday gift. He’s an older man (67 years old) and he’s just the sweetest person you’d ever meet. You can view pictures of my birthday celebration here.

Hopefully, all future birthday celebrations will be just as nice as this one.