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[Podcast] Crowdfunding Just Got Better for Filmmakers

Adam Boyer discusses – a website that takes crowdfunding for filmmakers to a whole new level.

Listen to: Crowdfunding Just Got Better for Filmmakers

GirlDar App Changes Social Networking for Lesbians

Re-electing President Obama Trumps Black Resistance to Same Sex Marriage

Cleo Manago, founder and CEO of the Black Men’s Xchange, joins us to discuss the topic of how the Black community is more interested in re-electing President Obama than it is in getting involved in the same-sex marriage battle.

Beloit Daily News Shows Its True Colors – #FAIL

I’m so disgusted with how our local paper, The Beloit Daily News (we all call it the Beloit Daily Snooze), handled this article:

Robbery reported at Beloit tavern

An undisclosed amount of cash was taken during a robbery that occurred at Club Impulse earlier this morning, according to Beloit police reports.

Police responded at 2:40 a.m. to the bar at 132 W. Grand Ave. The bartender said he was robbed and struck in the head by another man with whom the bartender had just engaged in a sexual act in the bathroom.

Capt. William Tyler said this is the second incident to have occurred at Club Impulse in the last couple of weeks that involved a man coming to the bar for a sexual encounter who later got robbed and beaten.

Police are seeking suspects in both incidents.

The Beloit Daily News has never once mentioned the straight girl who came in the bar so drunk that she literally dropped her pants, squatted and pissed on the floor, right in front of the entire bar. She was escorted out by the police.

The Beloit Daily News has never once mentioned the straight rednecks who come in to bar and pick a fight with the bar’s gay patrons, only to be escorted out – again – by the local police.

The Beloit Daily News has never once mentioned the time the bar was robbed and it did NOT involve one man having sex with another in the bathroom.

I thought The BDN (considered an extremely conservative, right-wing piece of shit) was changing its ways when it ran a very gay-friendly front page article about me and my fiancee, Andrea. I guess I was wrong.

Queer Questions Straight Talk Author Abby Dees

Abby Dees joined us to discuss her new book ‘Queer Questions Straight Talk.’ The book contains 108 questions it’s really okay to ask your gay, lesbian or bi loved one when they come out. ‘Queer Questions Straight Talk’ is designed to open up the often awkward dialogue with family members or friends.