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From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 15:21:54: Viking head coach Brad Childress is fired – #itsaboutdamntime Now, let’s boot Favre too! #NFL
  • 16:53:58: What are your turkey day plans? Mine: I don’t have to cook because someone else is doing it. Woot! Woot! – GS
  • 17:13:20: How many of you receive donation request forms from #LGBT orgs who don’t know you’re alive ’til they want your money? #NCLR #FAIL
  • 17:27:52: @Jay00789 This is the first request I’ve gotten from #NCLR. I plan to ignore it the way their Exec Dir ignores me.
  • 17:32:45: I received my son’s grades yesterday & reminded him: Bad grades = no allowance. Today, he’s knee deep in homework. Mission accomplished.

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