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From Twitter 10-02-2010

  • 00:04:19: @jiandamonique Seriously though. That song is no excuse to flash everything yo’ mama gave ya.
  • 00:06:43: Imma make a song called ‘It’s Raining Rhiannas’. I love her thighs.
  • 00:10:12: ‘Single Ladies’ came on and every gay man & straight girl squealed. LMAO!
  • 00:14:52: @Soxaholic_T I don’t like the Ludacris song either. My girl hates it, too.
  • 11:51:28: Is brunch something you can do at home, or are you supposed to find some kinda trendy cafe for that? – GS
  • 18:43:56: Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend.
  • 19:42:05: The Hawaiian Butterfish is great. Yum! (@ Brio Restaurant)
  • 19:50:04: @dkMOMUS I wish I had the recipe.

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