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From Twitter 09-20-2010

  • 11:07:08: I’m excited about the holidays coming up. How about you? – GS
  • 12:06:53: Have you called your Senator and encouraged him/her to repeal DADT? I have! Dial 202.224.3121 (the phone may ring…
  • 12:17:04: @troyredington I have never blogged for FW. Although, If they want a blogger, I’d consider it.
  • 12:18:00: @mactavish I love all of them. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s Day.
  • 12:18:54: @myheadmusic Think positively and you’ll have the best holiday season ever. Guranteed.
  • 12:24:44: @mactavish Divali? I have to look that up.
  • 12:26:55: @mactavish Reading up on Divali now. Thanks for the introduction!
  • 12:30:18: Wine lovers, which do you prefer: white or red? Any particular brand?
  • 12:32:41: @afrolicious I prefer red (no brand in particular), but I like Moscato occasionally.
  • 12:34:04: All these great wine suggestions! Thanks! I’m preparing for our ‘Karaoke & Wine’ party coming up.
  • 12:36:31: @iNelke Karaoke. Wine. Dessert. Great friends. It’ll be a blast!
  • 12:38:25: @pasadoply We’re gathering suggestions for LOTS of bottles! Still trying to find the perfect wine rack, too.
  • 12:39:49: @afrolicious Yep. Moscato should be chilled. It’s a bit too carbonated for me, but I can handle a couple of glasses.
  • 12:45:55: @pasadoply We want a nice one that mounts on the wall. It also has to have certain design to “fit” our laid back decor.
  • 12:51:33: @pasadoply When we find one, we’ll twitpic it. That’s not personal at all. :-)
  • 13:50:59: We all have some kinda disorder, so I really like the fact that mine is a gay one! –
  • 14:10:28: I’m on some really weird PR lists. Party promoters, stop sending me pitches, please. Thank you!
  • 20:31:13: Watching the Saints/49ers game. Andrea’s cheering for the 49ers. Poor thing. (@ Jersey’s Bar & Grill)
  • 20:48:24: @GlindaRed I’m having a great time messing with Andrea! #MNF
  • 22:59:56: The Saints/49ers game was soooo close. Go Saints! #MNF

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