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From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • 11:27:49: Late start for me today. #BlogHer10 (@ Lou’s Cafe)
  • 11:32:22: Should I be worried by this sign at Lou’s Cafe: CPR Kit Available Behind the Counter
  • 12:02:30: Interesting mix of women today. (@ BlogHer ’10 w/ @danticoa)
  • 12:18:33: Just saw tons of pics on Bossip showing Queen Latifah with her supposed girlfriend. Looks authentic.
  • 12:23:53: @danticoa Thanks. I’m speaking on the ‘Bringing Sex Out of the Closet’ panel at 2:45 today. Join us! #BlogHer10
  • 12:27:30: Cold coffee in the Speakers Lounge. Say it isn’t so! #BlogHer10
  • 13:19:04: Rename this book to 'Porn for Straight Women' #BlogHer10
  • 13:29:33: Getting ready for the ‘Bringing Sex out of the Closet’ panel. #BlogHer10 #BlogHerSex
  • 13:33:44: Wow. Great crowd gathering at the Eden Fantasy table outside the #BlogHerSex panel.
  • 22:40:51: Sushi and martinis. Yum! (@ Blue Fin)
  • 23:44:40: Great view of Times Square from here. (@ Rosie O’Grady’s)

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