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Queer Feminist Porn – Let the Rampant Racism Begin

Twitter user @FemmeDrea asked me the following today:

Am I offended by a queer feminist pornzine? Absolutely not. I like porn. I like porn a lot – and I don’t care how many Andrea Dworkin-like feminists roll their eyes at that comment. It makes me proud that there are feminists out there who weren’t persuaded – by Dworkin and her cronies – that porn is evil.

Even though the idea of a queer feminist pornzine isn’t offensive to me, I’m pretty sure I’ll be annoyed by the predictable racism that will run rampant through its pages. Anytime I see the words “feminist” and “queer” used together, it usually implies “white feminist same-gender loving folks.” Don’t believe me? Check out On Our Backs Magazine: page after page after page of white women.

Jump on over to Bitch Magazine – a feminist publication overflowing with white feminists, sprinkled with a little color when annoying Black bitches like me start to complain.

A common complaint about Ms. Magazine was that it used to be exclusively for white feminists, but I noticed they’re making an attempt to be a bit more inclusive. Too little too late if ya ask me. – very white.  They used to at least try to appear as if they cared about women of color.  I guess that one colored girl doesn’t work there anymore. their staff lacks serious diversity. Pulling most of their columnists’ pictures off the site won’t help them hide that fact.

Racism has been running rampant in white feminist circles forever. See exhibit A, B, C and D.

So, while I’m not bothered at all by the existence of yet another queer feminist pornzine, I can tell you I don’t plan to support the project because I doubt I’ll see women who look like me on any of their pages.   If I’m wrong, they need to educate a sista.

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