Is Dobson’s Book ‘Bringing Up Girls’ Anti-Feminist?

I haven’t read the book yet, but I definitely plan to make that happen.  Until then, all we have is this book trailer to help us figure out whether Dr. James Dobson’s (founder and chairman emeritus of the anti-gay organization Focus on the Family) book “Bringing Up Girls” is an anti-feminist piece of crap.

My first observation: The family is white and their daughter is a pretty little blonde. I’m guessing that’s the case since Black families are not Dr. James Dobson’s target market – unless his organization is recruiting Black families to help them fuck over homosexuals and transgender people.

Second observation: Dad’s a jackass. He stands up with a sign that proclaims “My daughter runs faster than yours.” Yep. Train your daughter how to be a swell-headed, self-centered person whose goal is to always be better than everyone else.

Third observation: Their daughter has a little Black friend present at her tea party. Brownie points for the brown face. There’s also a Black man handing their daughter a diploma. I’m guessing that’s a calculated attempt to shut up people like me who would be looking for any sign of color. It didn’t work.

Fourth observation: Their daughter appears to get married right out of high school. At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought she was graduating from college. But, since the man who hands her the diploma is not dressed in traditional attire worn at a college graduation, I’m guessing it’s a high school diploma – not college.

Without reading the book, the trailer suggests that parents who see their daughter graduate high school and find a good man have done their job. Nevermind the whole “learning to be self-sufficient before you settle down” thing. That would make her too much of a modernized woman and bring her dangerously close to being a feminist.

I will be reading this book – just so I can rip on each chapter on SistersTalk Radio. I’ll let you know when the rip-fest begins.


  1. Joe Mama says:

    I don't understand why you have to use bad language to try and make a point. If he used ethnic actors then you'd say he's trying to get brownie points to sell books. You're trying to make everything about race. I don't see anything positive in your diatribe. If homosexuality is so natural then why can't gays and lesbians have kids on their own? The day gays and lesbians have babies naturally is the day I become a liberal. Oh and BTW I'm a minority as well.

  2. SistersTalk says:

    Joe Mama:

    You're a complete fuckin' idiot.

    Why do I use bad language? Because I can. It's my blog and I can do whatever the fuck I want.

    Your logic is flawed. You said, "If homosexuality is so natural then why can't gays and lesbians have kids on their own?"

    So, that means:

    1. Infertile women can't have children "naturally." That makes them unnatural.

    2. Men who have penile dysfunction can get it up without the use of medication. If they can't get it up without the use of medication, that means they are using unnatural means to get an erection. Without those unnatural means, they can't get a woman pregnant. THAT makes them unnatural.

    3. Any straight woman who opts to have a child using artificial insemination (whether she's infertile or not) is practicing an unnatural act – according to your warped and fucked up logic.

    And yes, you are a minority. You're in that class of really, really dumb ass fuckers who seriously lack critical thinking skills.