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Daily Tweet Digest

What I Posted on Twitter Yesterday:

  • 09:32 Just in case you missed this show last night: Can You Pray Away the Gay? #
  • 10:52 Shopping for a new cell phone service provider. I can’t wait to tell Verizon to kiss my ass. #fb #FAIL #
  • 11:01 @LeadTheWayOut I’m on T-Mobile’s web site now. I’ve heard lots of great things about them. #
  • 11:11 Anyone else seeing tweets in your update stream from celebrities you’re not following? #
  • 11:15 Breastfeeding pictures as default pics on Facebook. What’s your opinion of that? – #
  • 11:16 @brewsternorth I’m actually seeing tweets from celebrities I don’t even follow. Wonder if that’s something Twitter’s doing on purpose. #
  • 11:18 @firemansuccess If they’re that great, why do you call them "employees" instead of "team members?" #
  • 13:21 Ashburn says he’s gay, defends his anti-gay voting record – #
  • 13:34 @zconway And that would be just what he deserves. He’s a sleezy liar. Then again, they like those kinds of politicians. #
  • 13:43 @vicwu Pfft! He wouldn’t have admitted a thing if the media didn’t expose that he got a DUI after leaving a gay club. #
  • 13:50 Damn. I’m all out of chocolate covered almonds and I don’t want to run to Walgreens for more. #
  • 14:54 @outoutout Breast feeding photos I’m ok with. Straight up XXX porn images, I’m not okay with. #
  • 14:58 @LocaConPistolas That story has major inconsistencies. One part says he has to be on sex offenders list UNTIL he’s 43. #
  • 14:59 @outoutout I think it depends on who was working the Facebook policing shift at that time. I often see inconsistencies on FB. #
  • 15:40 Funny suggestions (I mean, REALLY funny) for new Facebook relationship status options: #
  • 15:46 @GuerrillaGsOT International Women’s Day celebrates feminism – or women? Personally, I prefer womanism. #

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