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Daily Tweet Digest

What I Posted on Twitter Yesterday:

  • 10:48 CNN reports: A small plane has crashed into a building in Austin, Texas #
  • 11:34 Does Black trans community need more media attention than white trans people? (blog by @transgriot) #
  • 11:40 @chernowa Perhaps shock is the best wake-up tool? Unless people are shocked by something, they don’t pay attention. #
  • 11:54 CNN reports: Pilot set his home ablaze before intentionally crashing plane into Austin, Texas building (what the hell?) #
  • 12:04 @tinamlarson You might want to try contacting someone at #
  • 14:46 Nominate SistersTalk Radio to win a Lezzy Award in the Best Lesbian Podcast category. #
  • 14:52 Did you miss our interview with executive producers of this award winning lesbian web series? #
  • 14:54 @LeadTheWayOut Glad you liked the webinar. I hope you found the information useful. #
  • 16:21 @cutejockboy20 Ha! I have to agree with that. That was one of my complaints for awhile. BUT, I understand she did that for ad dollars. #
  • 16:30 Obama’s new title should be ‘Chief Janitor.’ He has a whole lot of someone else’s mess to clean up – #

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