Catholic Archdiocese of DC Says: We’ll Stop Feeding the Hungry if DC Recognizes Gay Marriage

If I were Jesus, I would be really pissed off right about now.

Members of the Catholic Church hierarchy in DC announced they will prohibit Catholic Charities from providing services to DC residents if DC’s City Council decides to recognize all married couples – even same-sex couples – as equal under law.

That’s some seriously fucked up divide and conquer goin’ on right there. What kind of church withholds charity from a group of people in order to convince them to fuck over another group of people? I’m sure there are some really decent Catholics out there who are extremely embarrassed by all this.


  1. @outoutout says:

    Wow, how very Christian of them.

  2. Iris Carter says:

    WWJD? I don't think he's withhold charity based on what people are doing in the bedroom! And the Catholic leaders are the LAST ones that should be pointing fingers at others! They need to do whatever they can to get back into God's good graces!!!

  3. another reason why i find it hard to believe in the catholic religion…they are a bunch of assholes…what if i was running a gay organization providing food for the homeless and found out that they were catholic and chose not to feed them cuz of their religion…what kinda people are they to be so judgemental?? Im a gay married woman who lives in New York, a state that does treat us as equals…and the catholic churches here are not acting that way so why are they in washington…wake up and realize that this is the 21st century and things change…if we were not meant to be gay…GOD would not have made us this way….

  4. Isabella says:

    What would Jesus think about the Council's decision to allow HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE?

    I think the Bible calls it – The Wrath of God

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