Garland Stewart’s ‘Say Uncle’ Should Be Required Reading for Mommy Bloggers

If you’re as sick of mommy bloggers who do nothing but pimp baby toys and complain about their lack of sleep as I am, you’ll love Garland Stewart’s book Say Uncle. Stewart’s book should be required reading for every mommy blogger in America, especially those who think dirty diapers and teething babies are the worst parenting experiences in the world.

Garland Stewart never wanted to be a parent. He’s a single gay man who wanted to make lots of money, travel the world and meet beautiful men; instead, Stewart ended up parenting his five nieces and nephews, broke and settling for anonymous sex at his local small town Mississippi secret hookup spot. Say Uncle chronicles Stewart’s experiences as an inexperienced pseudo father who struggles with his desire to run as far away from Mississippi as possible and his obligation to raise his drug-addicted sister’s five children.

Readers learn that Stewart experienced childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his closeted gay stepfather – a man who Stewart eventually develops a dysfunctional love-hate relationship with. Stewart also tackles issues like: proper ways to discipline children, raising ornery teenagers who hate you, raising someone else’s ornery teenagers who hate you, and being a homosexual in the deep south.

Even though Stewart’s book tackles serious real-life issues, readers will find themselves laughing constantly – from page 1 to page page 207.

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