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HRC: Send Me Your Money, Well, Just Because

Fellow blogger Jay Morris and I have been brewin’ for hours about the HRC’s latest post-NEM move. Even though we originally vowed to play nice and refrain from making nasty comments about the HRC in mixed company, their latest move encouraged us both to take off our gloves.

Piggybacking off the success of the National Equality March, this morning the HRC distributed an email to its mailing list. They patted themselves on the back for a job well done this weekend, even though the organization’s involvement with (and support of) the march was minimal – at best. Conveniently moving their annual fundraiser from its usual first Saturday of October to the second Saturday just to make it appear as if the HRC was somehow involved in the march was a shadey move that most people barely noticed. Now, the HRC is asking people to help them raise $200K so they could can supposedly continue the momentum established by the NEM’s organizers.


The HRC just had a fancy celebrity fundraising event this weekend in DC. Where did that money go – and why do they need another $200K? And did you and every other average Joe get an invite to that event? I’m guessing you didn’t.

The HRC’s email implies that they were more involved in the NEM than they really were and it also implies that only the HRC knows how to take this momentum and run with it (all links removed – bold emphasis is mine):

After this weekend, we have a burst of momentum.

But without a major advocacy push now, it could be lost.

Watch this video and help us raise $200,000 to capitalize on this moment.

Click here to watch the video!

This weekend was big.

From President Obama’s speech at our National Dinner to final House passage of hate crimes to the National Equality March, the nation’s attention is on LGBT equality – we have a burst of momentum.

But this is no time to grow complacent. We need your help to capitalize on this moment.

The next month and a half will be tough – while we fight against anti-LGBT ballot initiatives in multiple states, we must also act NOW to push our federal agenda to its tipping point, or we could miss this window.

We need to raise $200,000 for a renewed effort to seize this opportunity and advance our federal agenda and fight for marriage equality in the states without delay. Will you be part of this fight? (see full email document here)

Oh, I will be more than happy to be a part of the gay rights fight, but I’m not playing on the HRC’s team. It’s been almost 30 years since the HRC’s formation and the LGBTQ community has not seen a single federal law passed that protects our community from workplace discrimination, nor have we seen a repeal of DOMA or DADT. Instead, we’ve watched the HRC encourage the LGBTQ community to continue supporting politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton, the folks who gave us DOMA and DADT.

Now why, I ask you, would any queer with half a brain continue to send any of their hard-earned money to this organization?

It is my hope that the new generation of LGBTQ activists we saw come out in droves this weekend in DC are committed to supporting true progressive organizations that want our money for something other than: paying their president his $390K annual salary, hosting celebrity galas that the average gay American can’t afford to attend and smoozin’ with big shots in corporate America who talk the talk way more than they walk it. Please, I ask you to send your money to campaigns like No on 1 in Maine and other local organizations that are willing to get out, pound doors and speak to our supporters and opponents face-to-face.

I agree with those who say gay organizations should learn to work together and stop all the bickering amongst themselves. I wish I didn’t feel compelled to bitch slap the HRC and air my grievances with the oldest “gay rights” organization in the country via this blog post. But, keeping quiet means the HRC will continue to take valuable dollars from gay rights supporters who mistakenly assume the organization is working to secure full equality on both a federal and state level for the LGBTQ community. It’s time for those dollars to go elsewhere – maybe then we’ll see some real progress.

We The People and the HRC
Boycott the HRC

Belinda Carlisle: My Son, James, is Gay

I love Belinda Carlisle. Not only is she is a Grammy Award-nominated singer, the lead vocalist and a founding member of the all-female band The Go-Go’s, and a successful solo artist, she’s a straight ally of the gay community.

On October 11, 2009, Carlisle announced her support for same-gender marriage by appearing in a PSA video urging supporters to donate to the No on 1 campaign in Maine.

In the following PSA video, Carlisle states that she recorded the video not as a musician or celebrity, but as a concerned and loving mother: “My son, James, is gay, and I want him and every other gay person out there to have the same opportunities and rights that I’ve had in life.” And from the looks of the video (no makeup, no glam), we can believe that Carlisle is speaking as a concerned parent and not a celebrity.

Garland Stewart’s ‘Say Uncle’ Should Be Required Reading for Mommy Bloggers

If you’re as sick of mommy bloggers who do nothing but pimp baby toys and complain about their lack of sleep as I am, you’ll love Garland Stewart’s book Say Uncle. Stewart’s book should be required reading for every mommy blogger in America, especially those who think dirty diapers and teething babies are the worst parenting experiences in the world.

Garland Stewart never wanted to be a parent. He’s a single gay man who wanted to make lots of money, travel the world and meet beautiful men; instead, Stewart ended up parenting his five nieces and nephews, broke and settling for anonymous sex at his local small town Mississippi secret hookup spot. Say Uncle chronicles Stewart’s experiences as an inexperienced pseudo father who struggles with his desire to run as far away from Mississippi as possible and his obligation to raise his drug-addicted sister’s five children.

Readers learn that Stewart experienced childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his closeted gay stepfather – a man who Stewart eventually develops a dysfunctional love-hate relationship with. Stewart also tackles issues like: proper ways to discipline children, raising ornery teenagers who hate you, raising someone else’s ornery teenagers who hate you, and being a homosexual in the deep south.

Even though Stewart’s book tackles serious real-life issues, readers will find themselves laughing constantly – from page 1 to page page 207.

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