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Lesbian Affair with Student Wrecked Teacher’s Career; Telling Your Co-Workers You’re Gay

Gay News Digest: September 17, 2009

  • Lesbian Affair with Student Wrecked Teacher’s Career
  • Newlywed Game’s first gay couple
  • Talks by ‘ex-gay’ Anchorage man spark debate at UAF
  • Amy Poehler A Gay Rights Activist, On TV Anyway
  • Gay rights bill building momentum in Ohio
  • Primary Results Show Progress for Gay Candidates
  • TV dance show makes peace with U.S. gay community
  • Telling your co-workers you’re gay
  • Gay, Bisexual Teens at Risk for Eating Disorders
  • Racism in the Gay Community; ABC’s New Gay Sitcom

    She Said, She Said is a podcast featuring lesbian couple Genia and Andrea. Genia is the host of SistersTalk Radio and Andrea is the assistant producer.

    In this segment:

    *Racism in the gay community
    *The movie Boat Trip – does it present a negative image of gay men?
    *Gay couple featured on the Newlywed game
    *New endorsements for the gay rights march
    *Diversity in the gay community
    *ABC’s new gay tv show

    Download the podcast now.

    Music at the end of this show: Mad About You by Telling on Trixie (a previous guest on SistersTalk Radio)

    Daily Tweet Digest

    What I Posted on Twitter Yesterday:

    • 06:45 Anybody else thumbing their nose up at Sponsored Tweets? Or am I on a boat all by myself? #
    • 06:47 @RhodesTer Ha! Will we need to make room for others? I sure hope so! #
    • 07:56 Extension of National Emergency Could Benefit Gay Troops – #
    • 10:56 Keep Your Diversity Bone; Queer People of Color Deserve Better – #
    • 11:12 RT @tweetmeme New List of National Equality March Endorsers Full of Big Names : SistersTalk #
    • 11:58 Guy in checkout line wearing a confederate flag leather vest – #
    • 12:16 Name One Thing on Twitter You Can Do Without. I’ll start: Direct Message SPAM! #
    • 13:08 LGBTQ Folks & Allies: Are you going to the DC gay rights march next month? Maybe we can meet each other finally! #
    • 19:05 On air now: The ladies from’s Cherry Bomb – #fb #
    • 19:40 @rojasbookpr Just sent you an email re: press release you sent about Lisa Lampanelli’s book #
    • 21:29 We’re looking for PR firms that represent members of the LGBTQ community. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! #
    • 01:59 While waiting for my Charter internet service to come back online, I watched a Charter commercial that lies about their reliability. #

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