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The Ladies of Cherry Bomb on SistersTalk Radio

Tonight on SistersTalk Radio, we interviewed the ladies of’s Cherry Bomb: Dalila Ali Rajah, Gloria Bigelow, Tatum De Roeck, and Nikki Caster

Hear the ladies discuss:

*Where the idea for Cherry Bomb came from
*The most exciting part about doing Cherry Bomb
*How they choose their discussion topics
*The diversity in their group
*Their sexual orientation identification
*The most controversial show they’ve done
*The Sweet Cruise in November

Download the podcast now.

Music played at the end of the show: When the World Turned Off Its Lights – by Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

The Ladies of Cherry Bomb on SistersTalk Radio – Sep 17,2009

Join us as we talk to the ladies of’s Cherry Bomb: Dalila Ali Rajah, Gloria Bigelow, Tatum De Roeck, and Nikki Caster.   Music played at the end of the show: When the World Turned Off Its Lights – by Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles.  [Listen to this podcast.]

New List of National Equality March Endorsers Full of Big Names

More luminaries from the entertainment, arts and faith communities added their names this week to the growing list of supporters for the National Equality March (NEM) in Washington DC on October 11. To date over 200 notable leaders in, and supporters of, the LGBT community have endorsed the March and are urging people to join them and make their way to Washington.

“Momentum for the March continues to grow and we are so honored to have the support of so many distinguished leaders from across the country,” said David Mixner, national co-chair of the March.

Leaders from the arts and entertainment industry who announced their support for the March this week include such luminaries as:

Calpernia Addams, author, actor and musician
Jane Anderson, Emmy Award-winning screenwriter playwright and director
Paris Barclay, Emmy Award-winning director
Annette Bening, Oscar-nominated actor
Greg Berlanti, writer, producer and director
David Dean Bottrell, screenwriter
The Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd, author and Episcopal priest
Victor Bumbalo, actor and playwright
Ilene Chaiken, creator, writer, and executive producer, “The L Word”
Wilson Cruz, actor
Dana Delaney, Emmy Award-winning actor
Ronald Dennis, actor, dancer, and singer
Melissa Etheridge, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and musician
Joely Fisher, actor
Carrie Fisher, actor, screenwriter and novelist
James Franco, Golden Globe Award-winning actor
David Marshall Grant, Tony Award-nominated actor
Ellen Greene, Tony Award-nominated actor
Trebor Healy, poet and novelist
Helen Hunt, Academy Award-winning actor
Dave Koz, Grammy Award-nominated musician
Susan Krebs, jazz vocalist
Swoosie Kurtz, Emmy Award-winning actor
Chad Lowe, Emmy Award-winning actor
Camryn Manheim, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award-nominated actor
Ewan McGregor, Golden Globe Award-nominated actor
Sir Ian McKellen, Tony Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated actor
Julianne Moore, Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated actor
Max Mutchnick, Emmy Award-winning producer Kathy Najimy, actor
Ken Page, actor and cabaret singer
Peter Paige, actor, “Queer as Folk”
Pauley Perrette, actor and civil rights activist
Felice Picano, PEN Award-winning writer
David Hyde Pierce, Emmy Award and Tony Award-winning actor
David O. Russell, director
Meg Ryan, actor
Eduardo Santiago, author
Mark Thompson, author and gay activist
Marisa Tomei, Academy Award-winning actor
Liz Torres, Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated actor
Gus Van Sant, Academy Award-nominated director, “Milk”
Ann Walker, actor

“We are thrilled to have this impressive, ever-growing group of extraordinarily talented entertainment industry luminaries from stage, screen, television and the arts endorsing the march,” said Bruce Cohen, March supporter and Oscar-winning producer of American Beauty and Milk. “As the demand for full LGBT Federal rights grows in all corners of the country, adding the support of these wonderful LGBT and straight friends of ours will continue to broaden the impact of what is being planned for October 11th in our nation’s Capitol.”

Leaders from the faith community who endorsed the March this week include:

Rev. Samuel Chu, Interim Executive Director of California Faith for Equality
Rabbi Mark Diamond, Exec. Vice President of the Southern California Board of Rabbis
Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus, President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi Denise Eger, President of Pacific Association of Former Rabbis
Rabbi Dr. David Ellenson, President of Hebrew Union College
Rabbi Steven A. Fox, Exec. Vice President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs, Chair of the Progressive Jewish Foundation
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Senior Rabbi of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, NYC
Bishop Eugene Robinson, Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire
Rev. Susan Russell, President of Integrity
Rev. Neil G. Thomas, Chair of California Faith for Equality and Sr. Pastor MCC
Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of the Union for Reform of Judaism

source: press release

Keep Your Diversity Bone; Queer People of Color Deserve Better

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