Andrea Updates Us on Day 2 of 2009 AIDS Ride in Wisconsin

My partner Andrea is on Day 2 of a 4-Day (300 Miles!) AIDS Ride in Wisconsin. She allowed me to record our phone conversation when she called me to provide her daily update. Hear her discuss challenges with today’s rain, random chickens showing up on the road, trouble with her bike (again!) and the 103 mile segment she has to do tomorrow.

Warning: I was under the influence of a few Bacardi and diets during this recording!

Read more about the AIDS Ride here: Raising Awareness of HIV/AIDS One Mile At a Time


  1. SistersTalk says:

    Andrea sent me a couple more pictures from the road.

    Awesome thank-you note made for the AIDS Riders –

    All the AIDS Riders are sleeping in the gym at Albany High School in Albany, WI. It's too wet to setup camp outside –

    See other updates and pictures here:

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