Amusing High School Memories Take Over Twitter

I don’t usually pay attention to Twitter #hashtags unless they involve an event or person I’m very interested in. One of today’s hashtags caught my eye, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with admirable people or events. The #InHighSchool hashtag has kept me amused all day. Some of the funniest ones:

@kengibbsjr: @rashaunh : Not to be a follower but… #inhighschool I swore the white man was out to get #theblacks. Oh, how times have changed. LOL

@therealpoin: #inhighschool I got robbed on my way home by 6 dudes. I hope they split that 15$ up equally lmfao!

@thaydilla: #inhighschool I have a 790 SAT math score. Wanted to retake it to get an 800 like Dwayne Wayne

@rahelalicious: #inhighschool I rocked reebok classics in damn near every color…thought I was the shit

@jovonmarie: #inhighschool: I didn’t have a curfew, cause I was usually in bed by 9

@mistahcato: #inhighschool i was hella fat and didnt give a fuck

The fact that #inhighschool is a trending subject on Twitter today doesn’t surprise me. A few weeks ago, I posted an update asking “Did you (or do you plan to) attend your 20th high school reunion? Why or why not?” Most of the responses were something close to “hell no! I hated high school and everyone there.” Apparently, questions about high school seem to provoke very passionate and bitter responses.

But, high school is over and we all need to get past the narrow-minded, backstabbin’, hatin’ classmates we shared time with. I’m excited about my 20th high school reunion in June 2010. I can’t wait to see how fat those backstabbin’ classmates have gotten.

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