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Regan Latimer, Producer of Lesbian Web Series BJ Fletcher on SistersTalk Radio

Tonight on SistersTalk Radio, we interviewed Regan Latimer: creator, producer, writer and director of the web series BJ Fletcher Private Eye.

Created and produced by Regan Latimer and Bee Charmer Productions, B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye is an exciting new web series which has just finished posting its second season. Season One has already received a fantastic response having won the 2008 Web Series Contest in the United States.

Hear Regan discuss:

*How an web series contest motivated her to create BJ Fletcher Private Eye
*What’s happening with season 2
*The unique challenges she faced with producing a web series, especially one whose main characters are lesbians
*The most fun thing about producing a web series
*The character who reminds her the most of herself
*The character who is the least like her
*The odd chemistry between 2 of the main characters’ mothers (what’s going on with that in season 3)

Listen to the podcast now, or dial this unique number to listen to the archived show directly from your phone: 347.633.9957