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How to Change Your BlogTalkRadio Show Page Background

Every now and then, I discover something that others may find useful.

Lots of BlogTalkRadio users would love to change the background on their show page. I mean, that’s what we internet geeks do, right? We change shit all the time.

Changing your show page background is easy. Here’s how:

-Login to your BlogTalkRadio account
-Choose the My Account tab
-Choose the Edit My Account link
-Choose the Options tab
-Scroll to the box that says “Add video or other HTML code” (it’s at the very bottom of the page)
-Add the following code to that box: <body background=”http://your image URL”>
-Hit Save

That’s it! You should be all set! If anyone has ideas about how to further tweak your background, add your suggestions to the comments thread.

Club Management Said to Black Kids, ‘Please Don’t Change the Complexion of Our Pool’

Update – July 13, 2009: Pa. swim club accused of racism to ask kids back. Umm, who would take their kids back there?

What.the.hell? This video would be hilarious if the issue wasn’t outrageously moronic.

Someone seriously believes that Black skin can change the “complexion” of a pool? Sounds like ignorance is runnin’ rampant in Northeast Philly.

Renee over at WomanistMusings has a great conversation going on about this.

h/t: tweetmeblack