Does Lesbian Rapper Melange Lavonne Openly Criticize the HRC and The Advocate on Her New Album?

Lesbian rapper Melange Lavonne is pissed – and rightfully so. While promoting her new song Freedom Writer, Lavonne wrote the following in a MySpace bulletin today:

I recorded this song that will be on my next album to let my fans know and everyone who has supported me that I appreciate your support. Although unfortunately even in Gay Mainstream media my music will never be recognized as being popular because of my subject matter and even in Gay Entertainment “sex sales” more, nor will you see my face on any major gay covers of magazines (cough cough… Advocate) I just don’t fit the Gay Mainstream image (cough cough…Caucasian, rock or folk music), so with that said, I figured out that the only thing I truly have that motivates me to keep making music is God and my Fans.

Lavonne goes on to say:

I don’t support any organization who can discriminate a certain group of people and then turn around and call themselves a Equal Rights Organization for the LGBT community or cater to the LGBT Community but only to certain ethnic backgrounds. If you don’t know what groups I am referring to well that will soon be revealed on my next album when its completed. My mission is to bring people together and if that means I have to put Gay Organizations on blast for being hypocrites, then so be it.

My guess? Lavonne will be blastin’ the HRC – and hopefully with a fully loaded barrel. It’s always been my opinion that the HRC cares only for certain segments of the LGBTQ community. Wanna guess which segments they don’t give two shits about? I also believe you can always tell when a prominent lesbian or gay blogger has been bought and paid for by the HRC; they begin to sound like HRC-parrots. You know who you are.

I can’t wait to hear Lavonne’s new music. I hope to have her on SistersTalk Radio soon to chat it up about her new projects. And maybe we’ll hear more about her beef with The Advocate and (I’m guessing) the HRC.


  1. GrrrlRomeo says:

    I don’t know anyone who likes the HRC. I stopped supporting them a decade ago when it occurred to me that I was working 3 minimum wage jobs and they’re having dinners at $1,000 a plate. And what’d they do with it?

  2. Genia says:


    Grrl Romeo: I know, right!? I can always tell an HRC gay when I see one. The only thing they know about the struggle for gay rights is what the HRC tells them. My girlfriend and I talk about this a lot lately, especially since the gay rights battle is heating up.

    I don’t always agree with conservative gay blogger Andrew Sullivan, but he and I agree on one thing: The HRC uses the gay rights battle to squeeze money out of their members, but very few people know what they’re actually DOING with that money.

  3. I’m actually new to the LGBT community at age 46. But I have yet to hear anything positive about HRC.
    I’m comming into this community with a belief in equality for all is reachable but still a difficult fight. Problem is when one community is fighting for equality for themselves and not for all communities it opens up the door for inequalities within. Just like she is feeling and experiencing. How is that good for anyone. Might as well be a Republican organization setting up qualifiers to be allowed in. I’m just saying.

  4. Susan Housley says:

    I really love how Melange tackles issues head on and she's correct about certain sections of our community (note I said community not communities) fighting for equality but only for their preferred group. this is crazy y'all. We have enough wars going on in the world right now. Do we really need to keep fueling this one in our back yard.

  5. Susan Housley says:

    I think that it's time for our community', the leaders, the entertainment icons, everyone to stop the hate, to stop the bashing and start acting like "the family that we claim to be." Our community is represented by a rainbow for a reason. The rainbow has many different colors but working together they form the most spectacular beauty in all the sky.Our community has many different "colors" just like a rainbow and with one reaching out to 1, reaching out to two, reaching out to four, reaching out to eight, we can be the most beautiful, most loving, most helpful, most caring , most compassionate, most community action oriented, the most incredible part of the world family that anyone has ever seen.

  6. Susan Housley says:

    This is about showing others who we really are not who we've been pretending to be for years out of fear or excommunication, or whatever their families and others have put upon them. Lets support each other and prove that we are not who we have been portrayed to be but let us do this through love and peace.