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Did You Miss Lesbian Comedian Gloria Bigelow on SistersTalk Radio?

Tonight on SistersTalk Radio, we interviewed lesbian comedian Gloria Bigelow.

Subtle, disarming, and witty- Gloria Bigelow is a refreshing new comedian who doses out humor in bite sized chunks – easy for the listener to swallow, but realness nonetheless. Coming to comedy from a background of acting, she is an excellent observer of life and a natural improviser. An openly gay black woman, “she’s got a bone to pick with everybody!” She does so by wittingly tackling issues from Low Lesbian Esteem to the Iconization of Snoop Dog, all done with a smile. With issues of sexuality, race and gender at the forefront of her work she has become a favorite and a “one to watch” on the New York comedy scene.

Hear Gloria discuss:

*How and when she decided she wanted to make a career of making people laugh
*Her very first performance as a comedian
*Her experience at LOGO’s New Now Next Awards
*Being a triple minority: Black, female, and gay
*Her coming out story
*Comedians she admires
*Future projects

Download the podcast now.

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  • 13:40 Finishing up prep work for tomorrow’s interview with Gloria Bigelow. I have a bad cough so I’ll be coughin’ my way thru the interview. #
  • 13:49 ? Green Light- John Legend: ? #
  • 00:04 A group of straight girls just walked into a gay pride celebration to have a hetero bachelorette party. Ha! #

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