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Adam Carolla hangs up on Ann Coulter – Calls Her a Bitch

Holy shit!

I don’t even know what to say about this. Except . . . holy shit!

I’m guessing some feminists out there will come to Ann’s defense because Adam called her “baby doll.” It would be funny to watch feminists defending a woman who thinks feminists are the spawn of Satan.

And by the way, Ann Coulter is indeed a bitch.

New Gay Immigration Bill Has My Panties in a Bunch

Although gay marriage isn’t recognized on a federal level and individual states don’t have to recognize any gay marriages performed in other states (thanks to the Clintons!), lawmakers have introduced a new gay immigration bill:

Currently, American immigration law allows American-born individuals to sponsor their foreign-born opposite-sex spouse for immigration to the country. Same-sex couples, however, are not given this same opportunity.

UAFA would change the language of the immigration law to allow American citizens to sponsor the immigration of their “permanent partners.” The individuals must be in a committed, intimate and financially interdependent relationship with one another in which both intends a lifelong commitment.


I’m wondering how that will work when same-sex tax-payin’ American couples can’t even receive the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples. I would be pissed if gay immigrants were granted more rights than American tax-paying citizens. What are these Democrats thinking? Why continue the Republican tradition of taking care of non-US citizens long before you take care of your own people?

It seems to me (in my opinion) that the first (and most logical) step would be to get gay marriage recognized on a federal level. Once that’s done, this gay immigration bill wouldn’t be necessary at all because gays married to non-US citizens would receive the same rights and benefits as straight people married to non-US citizens.

LGBT Equality is Coming, But It Won’t Happen Tomorrow

A lot of people in the gay community are expecting President Obama to focus exclusively on issues related to the LGBT community:

While Obama’s official presidential website does highlight issues of workplace discrimination, expansion of hate crime laws to include attacks based on gender identity and sexual orientation, and combating the stigma of HIV/AIDS, these symbolic gestures aren’t enough. He must also appoint cabinet members and surround himself with people who can enact policies that affect the daily realities of many LGBT individuals.

If Obama surrounds himself with people whose main agenda is equality for LGBT people, then who will take care of people who have needs different than those related to sexual orientation? Women. Blacks. Hispanics. Disabled people. Children. The poor. The homeless.

I’m aware that the needs of the LGBT community have been largely ignored and often trampled on, but we can’t (and we shouldn’t) expect a complete about-face on LGBT issues. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn’t see full realization in the south until at least 1988. The high school I attended in Georgia wasn’t completely desegregated until 1988, when our high school principal announced he would no longer allow separate Black and white proms or separate Black and white homecoming queens.

It’s obvious to me that those people in the LGBT community (mostly white men) who are expecting – and almost demanding – equality right now have never known what discrimination felt like until they told the world they were gay. The rest of the LGBT community (non-white males) are very familiar with what discrimination feels like because we knew that feeling long before we told the world we were gay. Most of us are aware that it will take some time to see a significant change for the LGBT community.

Equality for the LGBT community is coming, but it’s not happening overnight. In the meantime, the LGBT community has to continue to push forward and insist that the needs of the LGBT community are not ignored. What we should never do is insist that our needs come before anybody else’s needs in this country. That’ll just piss a whole lotta people off.