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Was Clarence Thomas Sleeping at Obama Inauguration?

I received a picture of what appears to be Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas sleeping at Obama’s inauguration. This picture landed in my email box about 20 minutes ago:

clarence thomas

The sender of the email didn’t identify him/herself and he’s using the alias Joe Bob.

My first thought? Someone’s trying to make it appear that the only Black Supreme Court justice was bored by the inauguration of the very first Black President. It’s quite possible that Thomas was simply brushing something off his robe, checking his watch, or textin’ a young hottie (ha!).

If you view a larger version of this image, you’ll see that it looks Photoshopped. Look closely at the top left corner of the image and notice the guy in the shades. See the funky Photoshop work? Also, take a look at the top right hand side of the picture. There’s an older white guy with his head down. Just above his head you can see even more crappy Photoshop work.

Since it’s a well-known fact that Clarence Thomas questioned Obama’s citizenship and his right to assume the role of POTUS, I’m guessing this is an attempt to ride that rift between the two highest ranking Black men in Washington. It’s a good try and it just might work with the right group of gullible sheep.

Update Jan. 27, 2009: cfishy5, one of my Twitter followers said, “I saw that. But its only a snapshot, not a video Part of larger view, thats why it looks Shopped.” I was directed to an even larger image. After zooming in, I still say it looks shopped. Take a look.

Is This a Sign That Advertisers Aren’t Happy With MySpace?

It appears MySpace’s advertisers are forcing MySpace to step up their game. While checking my email there, I noticed a survey ad in the left sidebar. I love marketing and I really, really enjoy watching MySpace’s new marketing challenges. Once the King of social networks, MySpace now has to prove to its advertisers that their web site is worth an inclusion in the company’s advertising budget. It’s not enough anymore to simply brag about their huge membership numbers.

I just love the wording on MySpace’s banner ad: Stop and be friendly. We want to get to know you. Pfft! Bullshit! Myspace needs quantifiable and verifiable information to pass on to their advertisers. Here’s MySpace’s latest attempt at marketing research:

myspace desperation In what year were you born?

Please indicate your gender

How often, on average, do you visit MySpace?

How often, on average, do you visit MySpace Music?

Have you heard MySpace launched a music service joint venture with the major record labels on September 25?

If you answer yes to that question, these are the questions you see:

From which of the following online sources have you heard about the MySpace Music joint venture?

From which of the following non-online sources have you heard about the MySpace Music joint venture?

Did you notice Toyota was a sponsor for the MySpace Music joint venture?

Which of the following Toyota models listed in alphabetical order do you recall are currently sponsoring the MySpace Music joint venture? If you can’t recall, please select “don’t know” at the bottom of the list.

Using a 5-point scale, where 5 means “very excited” and 1 means “not at all excited,” how excited are you about the new MySpace Music joint venture?

Have you used any of the features of the MySpace Music joint venture?

Have you heard about the “Toyota Tuesday” sponsorship, where every Tuesday there is free music download on MySpace?

What is the likelihood that you will buy a vehicle within the next 3 months?

What is the likelihood that you will buy a vehicle within the next 12 months?

Which of the following music digital services do you currently use?

Are you the parent of a child or children in your household under the age of 18?

Which category best represents your total annual household income (before taxes)?

Which of the following best describes your race/ethnicity?

Catholic University Rejects Pro-Life Activity by Gay Rights Group

The Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, D.C., denied a request to allow a gay rights group to cosponsor a pro-life conference on campus last Saturday, citing the university’s Catholic identity.

The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) advocates the right to life as the basis of all other human rights. But the organization’s support for “gay rights”—including same-sex “marriage”—and its apparent condoning of homosexual activity run contrary to Catholic moral teaching [note the quotation marks around gay rights and marriage, placed there by the original author).

An undisclosed university representative told leaders of the Students for Life of America annual conference, which was held last Saturday, January 24, that the gay rights group’s mission statement “goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church,” according to an article today in the campus newspaper, The Tower. The article notes that CUA did not permit the group to co-sponsor the conference or set up an exhibit booth on campus, but still welcomed PLAGAL members to attend the conference. A CUA spokesman told The Cardinal Newman Society that “the essential elements of the Tower article are accurate.”

“CUA made a difficult but admirable decision in restricting PLAGAL’s activity on campus,” said Patrick Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “We need a unified front in the fight against abortion, and PLAGAL has an important place in the pro-life movement. Nevertheless, CUA is a public witness to the Catholic faith, and its first obligation is to its students. PLAGAL has historically sought to convince pro-life Christians of its gay rights agenda, which in some respects opposes Catholic moral teaching.”

source: press release

32 Million Low-Literate Adults Won’t Be Able to Apply for Jobs

ProLiteracy, the nation’s leader in adult literacy programs and advocacy, today decried the exclusion of Title II of the Workforce Investment Act from the current economic stimulus package.

David C. Harvey, president of ProLiteracy, called on President Obama and Congress to include Title II of the Workforce Investment Act in the economic recovery proposal. “We applaud the efforts of our new president and Congress to craft a stimulus bill focused on creating new jobs,” Harvey said. “But it is imperative that they focus on the very people who will have the most difficulty finding jobs — low-literate workers. An effective recovery bill must provide adult literacy and employment training opportunities.”

Harvey pointed out that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to be reviewed by House subcommittees this week, funds job training services for at-risk youth, individuals with disabilities, and older Americans through Titles I, III, and IV of the Workforce Investment Act.

“But inexplicably, Title II, which focuses on adult education and literacy, was left out of the bill,” Harvey said. “Many of the nearly 3 million jobs lost during 2008 were held by individuals who need additional help with basic reading, math, or English skills in order to take advantage of the jobs that the Recovery Act will create.”

A recent U.S. Department of Education report estimates that 32 million adults in the U.S. don’t read well enough to fill out a job application without help. Title II, also known as the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, is the largest source of federal funding for programs that teach adults reading, writing, math, technology skills, and English as a Second Language (ESL).

“The previous administration did not prioritize low-literate adults’ needs, so the problems and numbers have only increased,” said Harvey. “It is now a new administration and new Congress focused on the economy and job recovery. A basic foundation of a strong, employable workforce is a literate workforce. Now is the time for the federal government to take action to address the issue of adult illiteracy and include Title II funding,” Harvey concluded.

source: PR Newswire