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Marketing Idiots Have Taken Over MySpace

I’m one of the few Twitter and Facebook lovers who still use MySpace – although I don’t do much more than post bulletins and flirt with my baby girl.

Critics are predicting that Facebook and Twitter will be the death of MySpace. That may be true, but I’m guessing one of MySpace’s problems is the ridiculous amount of stupid advertisements all over the place. Poorly written copy. Spelling mistakes. Washed out backgrounds and images. Blatantly offensive ads about weight loss, dating and bad teeth – to name a few – all targeting women over the age of 30 (that would be me!)

35 years old and overweight?
Obviously, the person who placed this ad decided to target women over the age of 35. Taking jabs at a woman’s age and her weight all in one swoop is not cool – and it won’t sell the product. It’ll just piss us off and create an opening for companies like Weight Watchers who take a much more sensitive approach to advertising to the female market.

single over 30?

Why yes! Yes I am over 30 years old and single. Am I bothered by that fact? Absolutely not.

gold diggers are us

This advertiser didn’t do a good job at targeting the right audience. I’m a lesbian. I’m not looking for a sugardaddie. The single straight girls ought to be bothered by the fact that this advertiser thinks you’re a gold digger (and stupid enough to believe that wealthy men are actually using the internet to find women who just want them for their money).


This ad is very misleading because once you click on it, it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Obama! This ad links to a web site that claims it will show you how to receive thousands of dollars in grants from the government – all for a small fee, of course. This ad is right up there with all the multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme scam artists that are hoping there’s enough stupid and desperate people in the world who will fall for this kinda crap.

Facebook allows advertising and it’s rumored that Twitter will soon start selling ad space. I’ve seen some ridiculous ads on Facebook too, but they’re not so big and annoying. They seem a lot less intrusive than the ads I see on MySpace. No one knows if Twitter will implement text-based ads, banner ads, or ads in their members’ update streams. I certainly hope they use MySpace as an example of what they shouldn’t do.

Ty Creates Obama Daughter Dolls – First Lady Says ‘Oh Hell No!’

Ty Inc., the maker of the infamous collectible Beanie Babies has created two dolls that look very similar to Sasha and Malia Obama. What are the dolls’ names? Why Sasha and Malia, of course! First Lady Michelle Obama is not happy about that. Mrs. Obama’s press secretary has stated that Mrs. Obama believes it’s “inappropriate to use young, private citizens for marketing purposes.” Well, I think it’s inappropriate if you don’t have the parents’ permission.

The company has not denied that the dolls are modeled after the Obama daughters, but instead, Ty’s representative stated “there‚Äôs nothing on the girls that refers to the Obama girls.”

That’s PR talk for “we won’t confirm nor deny that we are trying to capitalize on this historic moment by creating dolls that look just like the Obama daughters.” Ty knows those dolls will make a shitload of money before they’ll be forced to pull them from the shelves. Once the dolls are no longer available to the public, anyone who owns one will have a doll worth a fortune in a few years. That means Ty can charge whatever the hell they want for those dolls – for now – because collectors will buy them as an investment.

The only good thing about all this is that the dolls don’t have exaggerated African features.