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Sarah Palin Wants $11 Million for Book Deal

I guess she’ll need that $11M to keep her accustomed to the lifestyle she was living while she was on the campaign trail. Flyin’ her entire family all over the place and staying in expensive hotels. Expensive hairdos. $150K wardrobe.

If I had the money, I’d pay her $11M to just go away.

Drunken Negro Cookies – Stupid PR Strategy?

This seems like a really shitty public relations strategy to me. Say something really stupid and racist, piss people off, get the news cameras out, and bingo! You have a shitload of free marketing for weeks. A certain Black lesbian blogger who hates white people does the same thing all the time. And, it seems to work for Ann Coulter just as well.

Ted Kefalinos, proprietor of Lafayette French Pastry, created Drunken Negro Cookies in honor of President Obama.

I’m guessing Kefalinos’s bakery – which sits in the core of NY’s gay scene – won’t suffer much at all. He’ll still have all those anti-Obama, Hillary-Clinton-lovin’ gay folks who continue to stop by – unless Kefalinos donated to Yes on 8 (or made unacceptable comments about gay people), then that’s a different story.