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A Resurrection: My J Spot

Last month I did a radio interview with a woman who helps single women find their “J” spot. I’m resurrecting this interview because it has significant meaning for me in my life at this very moment.

Shoshi is a lifestyle coach who helps single women live luscious lives. This is an interview that everyone would benefit from. She offers some really good advice for single women, women who don’t want to get married, and women who finally decide to settle down. Even if you’re not a woman, I think her advice is worth listening to because relationships and love are universal.

Chicago Police Officer Beats Up Man in Wheelchair

I had to create a new category for this post: WTF!?

Chicago, Illinois, police officer who was videotaped beating a man restrained in a wheelchair at a hospital emergency room pleaded guilty Thursday to using “excessive or unreasonable force” against the victim, Justice Department officials announced.

Veteran police officer William Cozzi, 51, entered his plea in a federal court in Chicago more than three years after the beating of Randle Miles. [source]

See, this is why I dislike police and I refuse to date a woman who says she’s a police officer. I know they’re not all like that, but I’d rather not take my chances.

My question: why did it take 3 years to address this gross abuse of power?

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Just Because She’s Beyonce, Doesn’t Mean She Should Perform ‘At Last’

Honestly, I’ve heard Karaoke singers do a better job at the song “At Last.” Beyonce should stick to what she does best: pop dance music.

It was still a pleasure to watch President and First Lady Obama dance to a beautiful song.

Update: A Twitter buddy informed me that Etta James, the original performer of ‘At Last’ is still alive. It’s our opinion that she should’ve performed the song. Here’s what the original version sounds like:

Gay Marriage and Gambling Rights for Hawaii Residents?

Hawaii may soon become a must-stop on a tree-huggin’ gay gambler’s vacation list:

Hawaii lawmakers convene a new session Wednesday in which they expect to consider legalizing gambling, recognizing gay marriage and preserving Hawaiian lands. The session runs through May 7.

In a year with the economy in the tank and the state budget short by hundreds of millions of dollars, lawmakers will spend much of their time finding ways to save money.

Social issues that don’t require cash will take the rest of their attention. [source]

Hawaii might actually become popular for something other than how it handled President Obama’s birth certificate issue.

Ashton Kutcher Makes the Twitter Leap

In a MySpace bulletin yesterday, Ashton Kutcher announced that he was on Twitter:

fyi I’m on twitter now.

just so you don’t get any fakers.
my handle is


I’m not quite sure why I have Kutcher in my MySpace “friends” list, other than the fact that he seems to be very politically active and a staunch supporter of the Democratic platform.

Anyway, a lot of Kutcher’s Myspace friends have no clue what Twitter is, but he already has over 2700 Twitter followers. I think we can expect to see a large influx of MySpacers on Twitter pretty soon. If Kutcher is on Twitter, how soon before we start seeing more and more celebrities using the service?

I’m not sure how I feel about celebrities taking over Twitter – mostly because it will encourage a large influx of teenagers to the site. Right now, Twitter doesn’t have an option that allows us to filter members by age. The system doesn’t ask your age and it doesn’t require that you use a valid email address. How long before Twitter is overwhelmed with phishing scams? My bet? Pretty soon.

Update: It appears that Kutcher is really updating his own Twitter page. If he ever decided to pay someone to do it, I’ll throw my hat in the ring for that gig.