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Iris Carter – A Blogger You Should Know

We just finished another Wednesday edition of the SistersTalk Radio “Bloggers You Should Know Series.” Tonight, our guest was Iris Carter.

Iris writes the blog Muttonchops: a blog that focuses on people who tend to behave like sheep, following the crowd and bleating. On occasion they may be correct in following the herd but often they are uninformed and failing to think for themselves. She is also a national recreation examiner for

Hear Iris discuss:

*How long she’s been blogging
*How she got started as a blogger
*The most controversial subject she’s covered on her blog
*Who she thinks her blog audience includes
*The time she usually blogs
*How she uses Twitter
*Favorite bloggers

Listen to the podcast now, or download it and listen later.

Links mentioned during the show:

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Kutcher and Moore’s ‘I Pledge’ Video Deemed Obama Cult-Like

Anti-Obama conservatives are freaking out about the recent influx of celebrity “I Pledge” videos poppin’ up on MySpace

A mind-numbingly cringeworthy and deeply disturbing MySpace video release shows vacuous celebrities pledging their “service” to the incoming Obama government in the form of activities such as not flushing the toilet after taking a piss and selling their “obnoxious” cars.

The video was produced by actress Demi Moore for the MySpace Presidential Pledge project, and features a gaggle of highly annoying actors, singers and other patent phonies such as Sean P. “Diddy” Combs, Courtney Cox Arquette and Ashton Kutcher.

“The Presidential Pledge is a platform for people across the nation and throughout the world to make a first person commitment of service to our new President, articulating a specific intent or action to become an agent of positive change,” said Kutcher. [Celebrities Pledge Cult-Like “Service” To Obama Government]

I get it. The only acceptable cult-like behavior in this country is blindly following a lyin’ schemin’ commander in chief who starts bogus wars for phoney reasons.

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit – a Review

While my old blog was down for 5 days, I spent some time over at (OML) watching lesbian movies. Well, I also spent some time flirting with a gorgeous lady too, but this post ain’t about that.

I finally watched Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (based on a novel by Jeanette Winterson). Over the years I’ve heard a lot about Winterson, but never felt the urge to read any of her books. After watching the movie, I’m thinking it might be time to go back to my first love: reading.

You can watch the entire movie over at OML. Parts 3.3 and 3.4 are a bit hard to find at OML, but I made it a bit easier for you (click here and here).

The main female character has a sexual attraction to women that seems to be motivated (and almost encouraged) by her love for God, but I don’t think her sexual orientation is the main focus of the movie. Religion and its often oppressive nature seems to be the main theme. I especially like how Winterson explored how sex (both gay and straight sex) is often viewed as something to be ashamed of.

Hillary Clinton’s Sec of State Approval on Hold

I ain’t even gonna laugh about this – no matter how much I want to. Looks like the Diva’s confirmation as Sec of State is on hold:

The Senate approved seven of President Obama’s Cabinet-level appointees yesterday but delayed a planned vote on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s confirmation to be secretary of state because of objections from a Republican member.

The delay, the result of a demand from Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) for more financial information about former president Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation, presented Obama with his first congressional roadblock just hours after he was sworn into office.

Full story.

I dislike H. Clinton almost as much as the Hillary obsessed faction of the LGBT community disliked Warren’s participation in the inauguration. Almost.

Yeah, yeah. Spare me the “they’re just messin’ with her because she’s a woman” comments. Other comments are welcomed, though.

Update: Just received a notice that Ms. Thang has been confirmed. And look, hubby is watching her get sworn in:

My caption for this photo: “That’s right, jackass. Stand there and pretend to be supportive.”

New White House Web Page and Blog

Have you seen the new White House web page?

new white house web page

The web page changed at about noon eastern just as President Obama was sworn in. A new blog has been added as well. I don’t see a commenting option so I’m guessing that issue will be addressed in the next round of Obama protests.

ht: TechCrunch